Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Absent Theory

As funny as it may sound I am in love with this theory. At least one event that occur in my daily life fall into one my padakulates (yes, you read it correctly, its my own version of postulates). Through this theory I try to look at my surroundings as things/events in a different perspective. You may call me stupid now!

I wil list some of my padakulates here to give you an idea of what I mean.

1. Truth is the absence of falsity/untruth
2. Dark is the absence of Light  (yeah.. Dark is what that survives when everything else is lost !!!)
3. Death is the absence of Celebration (Hmn..thought provoking...)
4. Peace is the absence of hostility
5. Courage is the absence of fear

There are many more of these in my list and its growing.  I would add all of them here in due course, but free feel to share your own ideas.

I am running out of time now, will update the list soon (absence of delay!)... till then...


  1. hammm..
    sixth one might be like this...:)
    6.Forgetting is the absence of ignorance.
    howz that dear ;) perfect for you